• Tomahawk Ribeye (1)

  • Extra Course Sea Salt 

  • Fresh Cracked Pepper 

  • Optional

  • Compound Butter 2 TBS


  1. Set up grill to have a hot side (600+ degrees) and a warm side (350 degrees). If you are staying indoors for this cook then preheat your oven to 350 degrees and get your skillet rip-roaring hot. 

  2. Cover tomahawks in sea salt and cracked pepper. 

  3. Sear the tomahawks over direct heat (or skillet) for 2 min each side. (DON’T TOUCH THEM!) We are trying to create as much crust as possible here. 

  4. Move to indirect heat (or oven) and cook until internal temperature is 130 degrees. 

  5. Let meat rest for 15 min. 

  6. Top with compound butter and serve.