Flat Iron: The most underrated cut of beef. 

Filet, Ribeye, and NY Strip are the usual suspects that you’ll find behind the meat counter or on a steakhouse menu. Thusly, when most people are asked about their favorite cuts of beef without fail you will hear one of these three cuts mentioned. No doubt, all three are great cuts which have their own respective qualities. But, if you were to do a head to head comparison there is a piece of meat that hails from the chuck that may check more boxes than the rest. You heard me right, the chuck.

Now you might have heard some old timer say that all cuts from the chuck are tough and should be braised or ground. They are wrong. In fact, a number of studies (using a warner-bratzler shear force scale) have shown that the flat iron is the second most tender cut on the entire animal. Only second to it’s more mild flavored counterpart filet mignon. Dr. Davey Griffen from Texas A&M attributes this to the weight of the forequarter stretching the muscle fibers apart as the carcass hangs prior to undergoing rigor. 

Recent studies have also shown that cuts originating from the chuck are considered to be the most flavorful. Flat irons also tend to be some of the most beautifully marbled cuts on the animal. So, if a tender, flavorful, well-marbled cut of meat is your kind of thing then check out the flat irons we have available HERE and get ready to have a new favorite. (If not you might be at the wrong place.)

Flat Iron comes from the chuck a.k.a. forequarter