It’s Time to Put Denver on the Map

Tucked away beneath the shoulder blade of the forequarter lies the serratus ventralis. Often overlooked due to its location and neighboring tougher cuts, the Denver was not appreciated until very recently. When studies revealed that it was actually the fourth most tender cut from the animal, the industry realized that it was time to give credit where credit was due.

Now, I know you’re thinking—there must be some good, romantic story with roots tying this steak to the rocky mountains. But no. That’s just marketing. After its potential was realized, a group of people gathered in a room to name their most recent discovery and serratus ventralis doesn’t exactly scream “Try Me!” 

But try it! Oh you should! Due to its harder working neighbors, this muscle also receives a generous blood supply; therefore, producing a much more flavorful cut than that of some of the more popular steaks. We especially recommend this cut if you normally reach for a NY Strip. They are similar in size and texture, but the Denver will edge out the strip steak when it comes to flavor.

Check out our available Denver steaks here and not only impress your friends with some killer steaks but seize the opportunity to establish your meat dominance by dropping your newfound knowledge on them. 

Also, check out the following youtube link here. Where I discuss the Denver steak with Mikey Kay of Man Meat BBQ while setting up for a comparison beef tasting.