Montoya Land and Cattle

Hesperus, CO

“I guess you might say it’s in our blood,” Davin Montoya says as he recounts the history of his ranch. Founded in 1977, Davin and his wife Theresa are not afraid of hard work, and that’s because they have been ranching all their lives. Raised on a ranch by his father, and his father before him, the Montoya family has been in the area for over 100 years. Today, Davin owns 150 Black Angus cows on his ranch in Hesperus, Colorado. Well equipped by tradition and experience, Davin runs the Angus cattle from the La Plata Canyon through steep terrain in mountainous Colorado at an elevation of 11,000 feet, all the way down to the rolling hills of New Mexico for the winter. While there is never a typical day on the ranch, the Montoyas’ care for both their land and their cattle with great detail. The land they work is given constant attention with brush and erosion control to improve the natural vegetation for better grazing. Their cows are attended to with the same consideration. With options for both grass or grain fed beef, the Montoyas’ offer a variety of flavor for your selection. A typical diet for a grass-fed Montoya cow will change with the season, but will primarily consist of Wheat Grass, Brome Grass, and Blue Grass. Specifically chosen for their background, the Black Angus breed are hearty and docile. The Montoyas’ stay vigilant to maintain only the highest quality cows, producing excellent marbling and texture. Having sold previously to high-end restaurants, the beef from Montoya Land and Cattle has been without complaint; and is generally described as outstanding in both flavor and tenderness.