1862 Ranch

Lipan, TX “Wagyu: It’s What We Do” is what you’ll hear the ranchers say on 1862 Ranch in Lipan, Texas. Jared Moore, owner and operator of 1862 Ranch has been around commercial cattle operations his entire life and this has lent itself to a very unique perspective. “Commercial cattle companies have left quality behind for quantity,” frustrated by these large commercial operations, Jared found the quality he believed existed when he first tasted a Wagyu steak. Known for its rich, beefy flavor and unparalleled marbling, Wagyu is a name known around the world. The history of this breed began in Japan, with the first 4 bulls coming to America in 1976. Approximately 200 full blood Wagyu cattle came to the United States before Japan declared the breed a “national, living treasure” and stopped all imports on the cows. Today, the 200 head of Japanese cattle has propagated to about 6,000 Wagyu animals total. Seeing a quality that has been left behind for the most part, Jared Moore is passionate about his herd of both full-blood Wagyu and Wagyu-Angus cross. This isn’t just about great beef, it’s about creating a legacy in the breed. Being naturally easy calvers with low-birth weight calves, the Wagyu are maternal and thrive on the native Bermuda grass, high protein alfalfa, coastal hay, along with some corn, grains and wheat. A perfect marriage of breed and diet, Jared is able to provide something people have likely never experienced before. The marbling inherent in the Wagyu breed provides a beefier, bolder, richer flavor with tenderness that is more pleasing to your palate than anything found in stores and most restaurants today.