Truby Ranches

Durango, CO

“I just want to do things right, no matter what I'm doing, especially when it comes to feeding my kids...and I don't care if I'm doing it for somebody else or I'm doing it for myself, we do it all the same. If I don't do it straight up, 100%, and right; I don't do it.” Shane Truby of Truby Ranches remains candidly forthright about his ranching philosophy. And to do things right requires hard work, arguably the hardest work one can do these days. But that doesn’t intimidate Shane, his wife Jennifer, or their three sons, Granite, Flint, or Quaid. Raised on a ranch himself, Shane Truby is a descendant from native Austrians who immigrated to Durango, Colorado and began ranching in 1886. The Truby Ranch maintains about 400 head of Hereford Cattle, an historically English breed known for their easy disposition, fertility, and longevity. Every year, Shane Truby makes the trek to Alberta, Canada to purchase only the finest of the Hereford pedigree, with 100% Canadian genetics. These Hereford cows easily maneuver the 7 to 10,000 foot elevation in Colorado and graze on the native Clover, Timothy, Orchard and Brome grasses. Truby Ranches eventually finishes their cattle on a four way mix of corn, wheat, oats, and barley top-dressed with molasses. This produces an incredibly fine product from healthy livestock, never treated with growth hormone or antibiotics, because if Shane Truby won’t feed it to his own kids, he won’t feed it to your family. “There’s nothing better than good beef...”, Shane is famous for saying, and as his repeat customers have attested, Truby Ranches always produces good beef.