/Jh Ranch

Aztec, NM

“My son, he’s my right hand man, when I go out and move cows, he’s right there...it’s definitely a family operation.” With over 100 years in tradition, Russell Frame, owner and operator of /Jh Cattle Co. speaks of his heritage. A heritage that Russell and his wife, Taryn are passing down to their son, Kyle. Beginning with his great-great-grandfather John Harris in the early 1900s, and then on to his great grandfather Raymond Frame, the /Jh brand has been passed on through five generations. Located primarily in Aztec, New Mexico, as well as Southwest Colorado, Russell navigates the high desert to care for his herd of 50 mother cows. Despite the severe and unforgiving soil, the Orchard, Brome, Timothy, Grama, Crested Wheat and Western Wheat grasses are sturdy and high in protein. These high protein grasses along with several varieties of native brush, such as Fourwing Salt Brush and Chico Brush produce hardy cows that raise big, healthy calves. Breeding primarily Angus cows with Hereford bulls, /Jh Cattle Co. is able to capitalize on the vigor produced by the hybrid and offer a desirable beef that performs well on pasture and in the finishing yard. Both breeds are similar in marbling and tenderness, a trait that has earned Russell both the Choice and Prime categories. Up before dawn, down after dark, Russell is no stranger to the responsibility he holds to his land, his animals, and his family. Rooted in a concern for others and love for ranching, /Jh Cattle Co. is dedicated to producing only the most natural, healthy beef; only offering meat raised without any growth hormones or unnatural feed selection. This integrity has yielded the high praise from those who have purchased beef from /Jh Cattle Co., describing it as having remarkable quality in both taste and texture.