Mineral Wells, TX “It's what God's purpose is for me. It's not something everybody can do, it's not something a lot of people want to do. Getting out there and seeing the sun rise every morning and go down every night, it's something you can't buy.” Campbell Decker, owner of CD Cattle Co. is a man of few words, but there is no mistaking his dedicated passion for ranching. Descending from a family that has been ranching since the early 1900s, Campbell Decker knows a thing or two about ranching. Between his ranch of 60 head of cattle, along with assisting his family’s ranch down the road, Decker has his hands full. Officially on his own only a few years ago, Campbell Decker puts in long hours to get his ranch off to a good start. Keeping a constant head count on his cattle, building new fences, and maintaining the 1500 acres his cattle rotates on would keep anyone busy. CD Cattle Co. is located at the highest point in Palo Pinto County, Texas near Mineral Wells, and is adjacent to the Brazos River. It is here that Campbell Decker maintains his herd of a Gelbvieh Angus Cross breed called a Balancer, chosen for their heat tolerance, parasite resistance, maternal instincts, and gentle disposition. Raised primarily on the native Bermuda Grass, Decker believes in letting nature take its course as cows are undeniably sturdy animals with excellent natural instincts. He finishes his beef on a mixture of oats, grain, and alfalfa pellets which produces a well marbled cut of meat in which consumers can see and taste a difference. CD Cattle Co.’s beef is tender and juicy, but most often described as rich in flavor and texture.