VR Cattle Co.

Brock, TX

“I guess it’s never set well with me,” says Ryan Watson as he recounts a moment from his childhood when he learned that there is really no way to tell where our beef originates. To see the significant risk assumed by ranchers, the grueling hours of never-ending work, the dedication to care for their land and animals only to be forced to play a game of high volume and low quality, dictated by a select few companies just didn’t seem right. Born on River Rose Ranch in Shawnee, Oklahoma a love for ranching embedded deep in the soul of Ryan Watson. This love of ranching eventually came full circle, after the untimely death of his father, Gary Watson. It was then that Ryan made a promise to himself that he would eventually pick up the mantle and carry on his father’s legacy. In 2014 Ryan, along with his wife, Valerie fulfilled that promise and began VR Ranch, located in Brock, Texas. Ryan and Valerie added a son, Van Buren in 2015. When their daughter, Elle, nearly did not survive birth in 2017, Ryan realized life is too short not to seize the moment and decided it was time to jump in with both feet and began working VR Ranch full time, along with launching REN + BOS. Passionate about flavor and devoted to experience, Ryan is committed to providing a superior product that seeks to change the market as a whole. Ryan focuses on finishing well-marbled, prized cattle breeds such as Angus, Maine-Anjou, and Wagyu. Doing most of his labor before the sun comes up and long after it sets, Ryan hand mixes a custom blend of steam-rolled corn, barley, flax seeds, and alfalfa hay to feed his herd twice a day. This specific ration of high-energy grains will ultimately be tasted in the complex flavor of his beef. Similar to the arc on your palate elicited by a fine wine, the beef from VR Ranch carries melted sweet tones, a mitigated acidity, and a rich, bold earthiness that melts into the familiar tender texture one must not only taste, but experience.